King Street Wireless Broadband Services

King Street Wireless holds 152 licenses of 700 MHz spectrum spanning from Maine to California in over 24 states.

King Street Wireless Spectrum Map

King Street Wireless, L.P. is rolling out fixed (not mobile) wireless broadband services in addition to the 4G LTE services provided by its limited partner U.S. Cellular in a number of locations. In order to determine if fixed wireless service may be available in areas that may be of interest of you, please begin by selecting a state. Please note that at this time we are seeking equipment better suited for fixed wireless service to individual homes or businesses on a broader basis.

Please select a state to view King Street's Fixed Wireless Coverage:

Updated April 2016

All prospective users of this service should understand that all wireless coverage is impacted by a number of variables, including weather, foliage, building height and positioning and topography. Accordingly, while the service locations provided on this site are generally accurate, there can be no absolute guarantee that service at any particular location will be available at any given time, or that quality of service will not vary from day to day.

In addition, wireless systems, by their very nature, are frequently being revised and improved. Accordingly, after viewing the service area of your interest, you are encouraged to check with King Street for existing and planned coverage modifications and other improvements, to confirm continued availability of coverage.

Should you have an interest in subscribing to this service, or desire more information, please email King Street at or call 1-800-696-8543.