What is 4G LTE?

Wireless customers are accelerating their wireless experiences with 4G LTE — the next generation of cellular technology is bringing access to data faster than ever before. LTE—an acronym for "Long Term Evolution"—represents advancement in wireless technology significantly increasing both the speed and capacity of mobile networks.

Why is 4G LTE important?

Every call, text or picture is important. With 4G LTE, wireless customers can send and receive pictures, download music, watch videos and access the Internet on a 4G LTE device at speeds never thought possible over the airwaves.

4G LTE is now available in states including Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Oregon and California. Please check the US Cellular 4G LTE coverage locater at http://www.uscellular.com/coverage-map/coverage-indicator.html for more information. We are expanding our 4G LTE coverage, so check back often as we continue to provide updates.